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Business Studies Class - XII  (CBSE)
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Principles and Functions of Management

Q 1 What is meant by 'motion study'? 2 marks

Q 2 Give the meaning of' supervision. 2 marks

Q 3 Explain the term 'management' in brief. 2 marks

Q 4 Distinguish between authority and responsibility of the basis of : 3 marks
(i) Direction or flow,
(ii) Delegation, and
(iii) Meaning

Q 5 State any three circumstances in which functional organisation is more suitable. 3 marks

Q 6 The production manager of Sanjay Ltd., an organisation manufacturing scooters, asked his foreman to achieve a target production of 250 scooters per day. But he does not give him the authority to requisition tools and materials from stores department. Can the production manager blame his foreman if he is not able to achieve the desired target?
Explain, in brief, the principle relating to this situation in support of your answer. 4 marks

Q 7 As a representative of workers, you want to impress upon the management the need for introducing time-wage system in place of existing piece-rate system. What reasons will you give to justify your view point? Explain briefly. 5 marks

Q 8 Explain in brief any five features of a good control system. 5 marks

Q 9 "Co-ordination is needed at all levels of management." Explain this statement briefly. 5 marks

Q 10 Explain briefly the principle of 'Espirit-de-Corps' and principle of 'Equity'. 5 marks

Q 11 Explain briefly the various steps involved in the planning process. 6 marks


Explain in brief any six limitations of planning.

Q 12 What is meant by the term 'incentive'? Discuss the role of financial and non-financial incentives to increase the efficiency of workers. 8 marks


What is communication? Explain how communication is an important function of management.

Part - II
Functional Management

Q 13 What is meant by 'promotion mix'? 2 marks

Q 14 What are the objectives of sales promotion? 3 marks

Q 15 Explain briefly the steps involved in the process of financial planning. 3 marks

Q 16 State in brief the role of personnel manager. 3 marks

Q 17 Give any three points of difference between recruitment and selection. 3 marks

Q 18 Explain any three effects of under-capitalisation on shareholders. 3 marks

Q 19 A newly appointed personnel manager does not feel the necessity of maintaining the personal records of the workers as he is of the opinion that maintaining personal records is merely a wastage of time. Do you agree with him? Give reasons in support of your answer. 4 marks

Q 20 State any five situations in which piece-wage system may be suitable. 5 marks

Q.21 Explain in brief the following rights of consumers: 5 marks
(i) The right to safety, and
(ii) the right to seek redressal of grievances.

Q.22 Explain briefly the nature of capital budgeting. 5 marks

Q.23 What is financial planning? Explain, in brief, the role of financial planning in the management of finance. 6 marks


What are the principal sources of long-term finance for a business enterprise? Explain

Q.24 Explain briefly the various media of advertising. 8 marks


Define 'sales promotion' and explain briefly its objectives.

Part - III
Factory Organisation

Q.25 Give two advantages that may be available to an entrepreneur if the factory is located close to the supplies of raw materials. 2 marks

Q.26 Explain the term 'component' with the help of a suitable example. 2 marks

Q.27 Explain briefly any three provisions of the Factories Act for the safety of workers. 3 marks

Q.28 Distinguish between a casual worker and a regular worker on the basis of:
(i) nature of contract,
(ii) annual increments, and
(iii) rights. 3 marks

Q.29 Explain briefly the law relating to hours of work in a factory. 4 marks

Q.30 Give any four reasons why a factory requires capital. 4 marks

Q.31 Explain the points of difference between product layout and process layout. 5 marks

Q.32 What are the main functions of a factory manager? Explain. 5 marks

Q.33 Explain briefly the various considerations to be kept in mind at the time of deciding the layout of a factory. 5 marks

Q.34 Distinguish between a small scale and a large scale factory. 5 marks

Q.35 Explain the procedure for issuing materials from a store. 6 marks
Explain briefly first-in-first-out method of pricing materials with the help of a suitable example and give its merits.

Q.36 Explain the factors which should be kept in mind at the time of making selection of the product to be produced in a factory. 6 marks
Seema, a young entrepreneur, is planning to set up a factory to produce seasonal goods. Explain briefly the factors she should keep in mind at the time of estimating the working capital requirement for her factory.

Part - IV
Office Administration

Q 37 Give any two advantages of owned building of an office. 2 marks

Q 38 Explain in brief any three advantages of centralised mailing in an office. 3 marks

Q 39 What is 'speed post service'? What is the purpose of this service? 3 marks

Q 40 What steps should management take to overcome the following difficulties in the flow of work in an office: 3 marks
(i) communication gap,
(ii) disturbance, and
(iii) power failure.

Q 41 Explain briefly the procedure for handling inward mail in an office. 4 marks

Q 42 Explain in brief the important elements of office environment. 4 marks

Q 43 State the circumstances under which oral communication is better than written communication. 5 marks

Q 44 What is 'indexing? Explain briefly the requirements of a good indexing system. 5 marks

Q 45 Describe briefly the basic functions of an office. 5 marks

Q 46 Explain in brief the following principles of office organisation. 5 marks
(i) Authority and responsibility and
(ii) Objectives

Q 47 State the advantages of filing. 5 marks

Q 48 You have been appointed office manager of a newly established business organisation. How would you convince the management of the need to introduce office machines? 6 marks


You have been appointed office manager of a newly established business firm. How would you convince the management of the need for using computers in the office?


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