CBSE Set Q2 Accounts Sample Test Papers For Class 12th for students online

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Accounts Class - XII (CBSE) 
You are on Set no 2 Qno. 1 to 17
(Only those questions are given which are different from Set I)


Q1) A and B are partners sharing profits in the ration of 4 : 3. C is admitted as a partner. The new profit-sharing ration is 3 : 2 : 1. Find out the sacrificing ratio. (Marks 2)

Q3) Define partnership. In the absence of Partnership Deed, what are the rules regarding:
(i) Profit-sharing ratio. (ii) Interest on drawings, (iii) Interest on Capital, (iv) Interest on loan given by a partner. (Marks 3)

Q4) Mention the items that may appear on the credit side of the capital account of a partner when the
capitals are fluctuating.

Q6) Name the major headings under which the liabilities and the assets sides of a company's Balance Sheet is organised and presented. (Marks 5)


PART - B (Analysis of financial statements)

Q10) From the following information, calculate Debtors Turnover Ratio and Average Collection Period.
Opening Debtors   Rs.    37,000
Closing Debtors    Rs.    43,000
Sales                   Rs. 6,00,000
Cash Sales           Rs.   80,000

Q15) Calculate cash from operations from the following information:
(Marks 5)

Expenses Outstanding
Bills Payable
Accrued Income
Profit and Loss A/c

1994 (Rs.)

1995 (Rs.)