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  MCA Frequently Asked Questions

Ques.  What is M.C.A?
Ans. M.C.A ( Master of Computer Application ) is generally a 3-year post graduate degree/diploma in Computer Applications. In some institutes it is called PGDCA, PGDIT etc.    

Ques. Should I opt for MCA or MBA in systems?
Ans. The classical dilemma faced by those among you who are interested in a career in software would be whether to go for an MCA or an MBA in systems.

This dilemma according to us should simply be converted into a question, which you should ask yourself, do I want a technical career path or a managerial one? The answer to this question would be the answer to your dilemma.

The MBA systems graduate would be actively involved in implementing the top and middle managements IT initiatives, he would translate the management's growth objectives into a plan for system requirements that need to be put in place in order to enable the above objectives .He would then pass on these requirements to the MCA who would implement the plan for system requirements.

Thus one can see that the career path for the MBA systems graduate is managerial while the career path of the MCA graduate is technical.

Ques. What are the career opportunities after M.C.A.?  
Ans. Today's is an age of computers. As an M.C.A you can work-  
(a) In a consultancy firm such as TCS  
(b) In a large corporation having an in-house systems department such as TUL  
(c) As an entrepreneur providing complete (or specific) solutions to problems of your  
(d) As systems developer in any organization big or small.    

Ques. What are the different specializations I can opt in MCA?
Ans. There are many fields an MCA can specialize in the last year/semester of his 3 year programme.   

(a) Systems Management 
(b) Management Information Systems (MIS) 
(c) Systems Development  
(d) Systems Engineering
(e) Networking
(f)  Internet working
(g) Application Software
(h) Software Development
(i) Troubleshooting  
(j) Hardware Technology 

Ques. What is the eligibility criteria for MCA courses?
Ans. The final year students or graduates in any discipline having studied Mathematics as one of the major subjects in Higher Secondary classes ( +1 & +2 ) can apply except few universities like PTU etc. Generally there is no minimum percentage required in graduation.

Ques. What are the different colleges in India running MCA courses?  
Ans. There are more than 100 Govt. recognized colleges in India running MCA courses. 

Ques. What is the admission procedure for selection to MCA courses?
Generally the students have to undergo a written test and on the basis of that test the selection is done. In some institutes the students have to appear for a personal Interview and Group-discussion and then the selection is made after these stages e.g IMT, Ghaziabad.  

Ques. Is it necessary for me to have prior computer knowledge?
Ans. No institute requires you to have a knowledge of computers as an eligibility criteria. 

Ques. What is the pattern for the written test?
Ans. Every institute has its own pattern. The best possible details can be collected from TCY.  

Ques How should I decide which institutes to apply to?
Ans. There may be various factors affecting your decision to choose particular institute i.e Region Specific institutes ( one may have one's own choice) ∑ Preference according to the placements of institute   Level of difficulty of test According to the syllabi of the course   

Ques.  How can I know the latest patterns of different tests?
Ans. You should not worry at all. At TCY, you can have the latest patterns and syllabi of all the important exams.  

Ques  I am confused. How can I prepare for such a wide variety of tests and syllabi?

Ans. It is indeed very difficult to have a comprehensive approach towards almost all tests and it is unwise too. The best way out is that right from the beginning, you select particular exams and keep preparing for the same. This can be sorted out with interaction with TCY faculty. 

Ques  Are calculators allowed for the test?

Ques. How will I come to know about the dates of exams of different institutes?

Ans. These institutes publish the advertisements in National papers. Anyhow students need not waste time searching for these. These advertisements will be displayed on the Notice Board of TCY. 


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