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Computer Science Class XII (CBSE)
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Q no. 1 (a) Define the following terms: (i) Inheritance (ii) Encapsulation.

Q no. 1 (b) Name the header files, to which the following built-in-functions belong to:
(i) cos() (ii) setw() (iii) toupper() (iv) strcpy()

Q no. 1 (c) Find the syntax error(s), if any, in the following program:
include <iostream.h
void main( )
   int R;W=90;
   while W60
         20: cout<<"Lower Range"<<endl;
         30: cout<<"Middle Range"<<endl;
         40: cout<<"Higher Range"<<endl;

Q no. 1 (d) Give the output of the following program segment:
char *NAME="IntRAneT";
for(int x=0;x<strlen(NAME); x++)
  if(islower(NAME[x]) )
     NAME [ x] = toupper ( NAME [x]);
      if(isupper(NAME [x] ) )
        if( x%2==0)
           NAME [x] = tolower ( NAME [x] );
           Name [x] = NAME [ x - 1 ];

Q no. 1 (e) Write the output of the following program:
#include <iostream.h
void Execute(int &X, int Y=200)
  int TEMP=X+Y;
  if (Y!=200)

void main ( )
  int A=50, B=20;
  Execute (B);
  cout<< A<<B<<endl;
  Execute( A, B);
  cout <<A<<B<<endl;

Q no. 1 ( f ) Write a C++ function having two value parameters X and N with result type float to find the sum of series given


Q no. 2 (a) What is a copy constructor? What do you understand by constructor overloading?

Q no. 2 (b) Define a class student with the following specifications:

eng, math, science

20 character
A function to calculate eng+math+science with float return type

public member functions of class student



function to accept values for admno, sname, eng, math, science and invoke ctotal to calculate total.

function to display all the data members on the screen


Q no. 2 (c) Consider the following declarations and answer the questions given below:
class PPP

int H;
int S;

void INPUT(int);
void OUT( );

class QQQ: private PPP
int T;
int U;
public: void INDATA(int, int);
void OUTDATA();
class RRR: public QQQ
int M;
void DISP(void);

(i) Name the base class and derived class of the class QQQ.
(ii) Name the data member(s) that can be accessed from function DISP().
(iii) Name the member function(s), which can be accessed from the objects of class RRR.
(iv) Is the member function OUT() accessible by the objects of the class QQQ?


Q no. 3 (a) Suppose an array P containing float is arranged in ascending order. Write a user defined function in C++ to search for one float from P with the help of binary search method. The function should return an integer 0 to show absence of the number and integer 1 to show presence of the number in the array. The function should have the parameters as (1) an array P (2) the number DATA to be searched (3) number of elements N.

Q no. 3 (b) An array T[15][10] is stored in the memory with each element requiring 2 bytes of storage. If the base address of T is 2000, determine the location of T[7][8] when the array is stored by (i) Row major (ii) Column major.

Q no. 3 (c) Write a user defined function in C++ to display the sum of column elements of a two dimensional array R[7][7] containing integers.

Q no. 3 (d) Evaluate the following postfix expression using a stack and show the contents of stack after execution of each operation:
50, 40, +, 18, 14, -, 4, *, +

Q no. 3 (e) Give the necessary declaration of a linked implemented stack containing integer type numbers; also write a user defined function in C++ to pop a number from this stack.

Q no. 4 (a) Write name of two member functions belonging to fstream class.

Q no. 4 (b) Assuming the class EMPLOYEE given below, write functions in C++ to perform the following:
(i) Write the objects of EMPLOYEE to a binary file.
(ii) Read the objects of EMPLOYEE from binary file and display them on the screen.
int ENO;
char ENAME[10];
void GETIT( )
void SHOWIT( )
cout< < ENO<<ENAME<<endl;

Q No.5 (a) What is a relation? What is the difference between a tuple and an attribute?
NOTE: Write SQL commands for (b) to (g) and write the outputs for (h) on the basis of table HOSPITAL

No. Name Age Department DatoFadm Charges Sex
1 Arpit 62 Surgery 21/01/98 300 M
2 Zareena 22 ENT 12/12/97 250 F
3 Kareem 32 Orthopedic 19/02/98 200 M
4 Arun 12 Surgery 11/01/98 300 M
5 Zubin 30 ENT 12/01/98 250 M
6 Ketaki 16 ENT 24/02/98 250 F
7 Ankita 29 Cardiology 20/02/98 800 F
8 Zareen 45 Gynecology 22/02/98 300 F
9 Kush 19 Cardiology 13/01/98 800 M
10 Shilpa 23 Nuclear Medicine 21/02/98 400 F

(b) To select all the information of patients of cardiology department.
(c) To list the names of female patients who are in ENT department.
(d) To list names of all patients with their date of admission in ascending order.
(e) To display Patient's Nae, Charges, Age for only female patients.
(f) To count the number of patients with Age<30.
(g) To insert a new row in the HOSPITAL table with the following data: 11, "Aftab", 24, "Surgery", {25/02/98}, 300, "M"
(h) Give the output of the following SQL statements:
(i) Select COUNT(DISTINCT charges) from HOSPITAL;
(ii) Select MIN(Age) from HOSPITAL where Sex="F";
(iii) Select SUM(Charges) from HOSPITAL where Department="ENT";
(iv) Select AVG(Charges) from HOSPITAL where Datofadm<{12/02/98};

Q no. 6 (a) State Demorgan's laws. Verify one of the Demorgan's laws using truth tables.

Q no. 6 (b) Prove X+Y'Z=(X+Y'+Z')(X+Y'+Z)(X+Y+Z) algerbraically.

Q no. 6 (c) Write the dual of the Boolean expression (U+W)(V'U+W)

Q no. 6 (d) Obtain a simplified form for a Boolean expression:F( U, V, W,Z) =
S ( 0,1,3,5,7,9,10,11,12,13,14,15)

Q no. 6 (e) Draw the logic circuit for a half-adder.

Q no. 6 (f) Represent the Boolean expression X+Y.Z' with the help of NOR gates only.

Q no. 6 (g) Write the Product of Sum form of the function H(U,V,W), truth table representation of H is as follows:

0 0 0 1
0 0 1 0
0 1 0 1
0 1 1 0
1 0 0 0
1 0 1 1
1 1 0 0
1 1 1 1

Q No. 7 (a) What are repeaters?

Q no. 7
(b) What is the difference between LAN and MAN?

Q no. 7 (c) Describe the following in brief: (i) MOSAIC (ii) Usenet

Q no. 7 (d) What do you understand by a backbone network?

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