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Business Studies Class - XII (CBSE)
You are on questions of Set I

Time allowed : 3 hrs.
Maximum Marks:100

(i) This question paper is divided into four parts. Part-I carrying 50 marks is compulsory for all. Out of the remaining Parts viz.:II, C and C attempt any one part. Each part carries 50 marks.

(ii) All questions in Part-1 and the optional part (Part II or III or IV) are compulsory.

(iii) Marks are indicated against each question.

(iv ) Answers should be brief and to the point.


Q 1 What is meant by management? (2 marks)

Q 2 Explain, in brief, the principle of parity of authority and responsibility.
(2 marks)

Q 3 Give two functions of a supervisor. (2 marks)

Q 4 Explain briefly the meaning of "organisation structure". (3 marks)

Q 5 State the main features of line and staff organisation. (3 marks)

Q 6 Differentiate between formal and informal organisation on the basis of formation, purpose, structure and communication. (4 marks)

Q 7 "Management is the art of getting things done through other people." Explain the importance of management in the light of the statement.
(5 marks)

Q 8 Briefly explain(a) Motion study, and (b) Esprit de corps. (5 marks)

Q 9 What is manpower planning? How will you assess the manpower requirement of a business enterprise? (5 marks)

Q 10 Explain briefly the various steps in the process of control.(5 marks)

Q 11 Describe briefly the various features of planning.
Explain briefly the benefits of planning to an organisation. (6 marks)

Q 12 What is meant by 'communication'? Differentiate between oral and written communication.
What is leadership? Discuss the importance of leadership in the management of a business organisation. (8 marks)

Q 13 What is meant by the term "price mix"? (2 marks)

Q 14 State the role and responsibilities of a personal manager. (3 marks)

Q 15 Distinguish between training and development. (3 marks)

Q 16 Explain briefly the objectives of financial management. (3 marks)

Q 17 State any three effects of undercapitalisation on a company. (3 marks)

Q 18 Enumerate the qualities of a good salesman. (3 marks)

Q 19 How does performance appraisal help in taking different types of management decisions? (4 marks)

Q 20 Which method of wage payment-time rate or piece rate-would you prefer in the following situations?
(a) When workers have no control over the rate of output?
(b) When work and work methods are of a standardised nature?
(c) When workers are to be remunerated on a group basis?
(d) When quality of output is more important than its quantity? (4 marks)

Q 21You are the finance manager of a company. The Board of Directors have asked you to determine the working capital requirement for the company. State the factors that you would take into consideration while determining the requirement of working capital for the company. (5 marks)

Q 22 Explain briefly the factors that you will keep in mind while selected a suitable medium of advertisement. (5 marks)

Q 23 Explain 'Financial Planning' and discuss the essentials of a sound financial plan. (7 marks)
What meant by capital structure? What are the factors to be kept in mind while determining the capital structure of a company?

Q 24 Explain "personal selling" and state the advantages of personal selling.
"Advertising in unnecessary and wasteful." Do you agree with the statement? Give reasons for your answer. (8 marks)


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