CBSE Set Q Biology Sample Test Papers For Class 12th for students online

Latest for students online. All these are just samples for prepration for exams only. These are not actual papers.
Biology Class-Xll (CBSE)
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Max Marks : 70
Time allowed : 3 hrs

Q.1 Which of the movable joint makes the hip joint ?

Q.2 Write the full form of tRNA.

Q.3 Mention any two factors by which the environment or the nature checks the pollution size.

Q.4 Give two examples of analogous organs from animals.

Q.5 Mention one difference in the structure of chlorophyll-a and chlorophyll-b.

Q.6 Name the source glands of glucagon and parathormone.

Q.7 Mention one difference between benign tumour and malignant tumour.

Q.8 Name any two structures in our body, which bear ciliated epithilium.

Q.9 A women travels in a crowded compartment along with people suffering from diabetes, influenza and amoebiasis. With which one of these diseases she is most likely to be infected during this journey and why ?

Q.10 Amongst pea tendrils, opuntia spines, lemon thorns and cucurbit tendril, which ones are homologous structures? Give reason.

Q.11 Describe one example of artificial selection.

Q.12 Mention two differences in the vascular bundles of sunflower and maize stems.

Q.13 Give any four examples of human reflexes.

Q.14 How were exact replicas of master plate obtained in Lederberg replica plating experiment?

Q.15 In humans, genetically the sex of the child is determined by the father and not by the mother. Explain.

Q.16 Describe how auxins are related with the bending of shoots towards the source of light ?

Q.17 Explain any two palaeontological evidences in favour of organic revolution.

Q.18 Distinguish between bacterial transduction and bacterial transformation.

Q.19 Mention four aspects in which uricotelism differs from ureotelism.

Q.20 Specify how a pentose phosphate is a CO2 acceptor in the dark reaction of photosynthesis.

Q.21 How would non-secretion of hydrochloric acid in our stomach affect food digestion ? Explain ?

Q.22 A farmer adds Azotobactor culture in the soil before sowing maize. How does it increase the yield of maize.

Q.23 Give one example of co-dominance in human genetics.

Q.24 Draw a labelled diagram of the longitudinal section of a pistil showing pollen germination.

Q.25 Describe the process of DNA replication.

Q.26 If abiotic origin of life is in process on a planet other than the earth, what would be the conditions then ? Explain them.

Q.27 Explain the structure of a mammalian heart.

Q.28 Give a labelled diagram of the sectional view of the duct system and the ovary of the reproductive organs of the human female.

Q.29 Describe the mode of infection, symptoms and preventive measure of Diphtheria, Tetanus and Measles.

Q.30 Describe tow important functions each of the elements P, B and S in green plants and also write the deficiency symptoms of any two of them.

Q.31 Describe how our brain gets a continuous supply of oxygen from the atmosphere.

Q.32 In an experiment a phenotypic ratio 3 : 3 : 1 : 1 was obtained in the offspring on crossing Yellow sed-Tall stem Yy Tt variety of pea plant with yellow seed-dwarf stem variety. Determine the accuracy of this data by punnet squre.


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