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Economics - 1999 ( I.C.S.E)
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(Two Hours)

- Answers to this paper must be written on the paper provided separately.
- You will NOT be allowed to write during the first 15 minutes.
- Duration of the exam is 2 hours.
- This time given at the head of this paper is the time allowed for writing the answers.
- Attempt all questions from Section A and four question from Section B. 
- The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given. in brackets [ ].

Attempt all questions.
(Answers should be brief and to the point).

Q 1 (a)  What are the chief methods of lending available to commercial banks?

Q 1 (b) Give two characteristics of the Green Revolution.

Q 1 (c) Define the role of capital in production.

Q 1 (d) Mention two features of a mixed economy.

Q 2 (a)  Distinguish between Simple and Complex Division of Labour.

Q 2 (b) Explain how division of labour is limited by the extent of the market.

Q 2 (c) How does rapid growth of population aggravate the food problem ?

Q 2 (d) Mention two causes for the low productivity of Indian agriculture.

Q 3 (a) State the factors which determine the creation of savings in a country.

Q 3 (b) Mention two factors which determine the supply of labour in a country.

Q 3 (c) State any two drawbacks of State enterprises.

Q 3 (d) Give two features of sole proprietorship.

Q 4 (a) Differentiate between Sunk Capital and Floating Capital.

Q 4 (b) Give two factors that show the importance of agriculture for industrial development.

Q 4 (c) Mention two advantages of a bank account.

Q 4 (d) Examine any two major problems of the Jute Industry in India.

Answer any four questions from this Section.

Q 5 (a) What is the meaning of "land" in economic terms ? Discuss any four peculiarities of land as a factor of production.
Q 5(b) Discuss the importance of Small Scale Industries and Cottage Industries in the Indian economy.

Q 6 (a) Explain briefly the meaning of efficiency of labor and state four factors which determine the efficiency of labor.

Q 6 (b) What is meant by "agriculture labor" ? Give four reasons for the rapid growth of agricultural labor in India.

Q 7 (a) Describe the quantitative method of credit control  adopted by the central bank to control credit.
Q 7 (b) What are the  co-operative societies? Explain the three different ways in which is co-operative are organized  in  India.

Q 8 (a) How is a Joint Stock Company formed ? In what four respects does a Joint Stock Company differ from a Partnership?
Q 8  (b) Discuss two objectives of land reform and give a brief account of tenancy reforms in India.
Q 9 (a) What is meant by subdivision and fragmentation of holdings ? Describe any four causes for the subdivision and fragmentation of land holdings .

Q 9 (b) Examine any four reasons for the importance of good transport in a growing in economy like that of India .
Q 10 (a) What is Economic Planning ? Explain the reasons for the three Annual Plans of 1966-'68, 1968-'69.
Q 10 (b) Discuss any four functions of the Government in economic development.
Q 11 (a)  Discuss any four reasons to show that rapid industrialisation of our country is essential
Q 11 (b) What is fiscal policy ? How can fiscal policy be used for economic development .
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