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Economics - 1997 ( I.C.S.E)
You are on questions
Time allotted: (Two Hours)

- You will NOT be allowed to write during the first 15 minutes.
- This time given at the head of this paper is the time allowed for writing the answers.
Attempt all questions from Section A and four question from Section B. 
- The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given. in brackets [ ].



Q.1 (a) Give two characteristic features of land as a factor of production.

Q.1 (b) Explain two factors on which the supply of labour depends.

Q.1 (c) Give two features of a Joint-Stock Company.

(d) What is meant by 'limited liability'  ?

Q.2(a) What is meant by an economic holding ?
Q.2(b) State two causes of food shortage in India.
Q.2(c) Give two reasons for the introduction of a ceiling on land holdings.
(d) What is meant by 'Public' and 'Private' Sectors in industry ? Name any two industries in the 'Public' Sector.

Q.3(a) State two advantages of the consolidation of holdings.
Q.3(b) Give briefly any two sources of finance for large-scale industries.
Q.3(c) State two features of the industrial structure in India.
Q.3(d) Give two reasons why railways should be protected against road transport.

Q.4(a) Give two important features of sole proprietorship
Q.4(b) Give two advantages of indirect taxes.
Q.4 (c)  State any two objectives of planning in India .
Q.4 (d) Briefly explain any two functions of the Reserve Bank of India.

                                                                 Section B

Q 5 (a) Discuss the factors on which capital formation in a country depends.
Q 5 (b) Explain four differences between 'a share' and 'a debenture'.

Q 6.(a) Describe four features of a cooperative organization.
Q 6.(b) Briefly describe the four advantages of public enterp.

Q7. (a) Discuss the importance of agriculture in Indian economy
Q.7 (b) Give four measure which will help to solve food problem in India.

Q8 (a) What important steps have been taken by the government to promote large-scale industries?
Q8 (b) Give four suggestion to solve the problems of cottage and small-scale industries. 

Q9 (a) What is the importance of irrigation in our economic life?
Q 9(b) Explain any four advantages of road transport in India.

Q10 (a) Briefly explain the objectives of fiscal policy. 
Q10 (b) Describe any four purposes of taxation. 

Q11 (a) What is economic planning? Distinguish between the need , objectives and strategies of economic planning.
Q11(b) Give four of the main objectives of the Eighth Five Year Plan.

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