CBSE Set Q1 Chemistry Sample Test Papers For Class 12th for students online

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Chemistry Class - XII  (CBSE)
You are on Set no 2 Questions
(Only those questions which are different from set I have been
given here)

Q3) Write the IUPAC name of [Ni(CN)4]2- ion. (Marks 1)

Q4) Write the IUPAC name of : (Marks 1)


Q6) Complete the nuclear reaction expression : (Marks 1)

Q9) Why do azo dyes not impart fast colour to fabrics?  (Marks 1)

Q11) Calculate the cell potential of the given cell at 25oC. ( R = 8.31 JK-1 mol-1 F = 96500 C mol-1)
Ni(s) | Ni2+ (0.01 M) || Cu2+ (0.1 M) | Cu(s)
[Given EoCu2+/Cu = +0.34 V ; EoNi2+/Ni = -0.25 V]  (Marks 2)

Q16) The half-life of C-14 is 5600 years. A sample of freshly cut wood from a tree contains 10 mg of C-14. How much C-14 will remain in the wood sample after 56,000 years? (Marks 2)

Q17) Illustrate elevation in boiling point with the help of vapour pressure - temperature curve of a solution. Show that elevation in boiling point is a colligative property.  (Marks 2)

Q22) How is XeO3 obtained ? Write the related chemical equations. Draw the structure of XeO3(Marks 2)

Q26) How are the following conversions carried out?
(i) Acetic acid to methylamine
(ii) Acetaldehyde to methane
Write reactants and reaction conditions.  (Marks 2)

Q30) A solution of sucrose (molar mass = 342 g) has been prepared by dissolving 68.4 g of sucrose in one kg of water. Calculate the following :
(i) the vapour pressure of the solution at 298 K,
(ii) osmotic pressure of the solution at 298 K,
(iii) freezing point of the solution.
[ Given : vapour pressure of water at 298 K = 0.024 atm., Kf for water = 1.86 K kg mol-1 R = 0.082 L atm mol-1 K ] (Marks 3)

Q31) (a) Write the balanced equations for the following reactions :
(i) B2H6 + NaH
(ii) XeF6 + NaF
(b) Discuss two similar and two dissimilar properties from the chemistry of nitrogen and that of phosphorus.  (Marks 3)