CBSE Set Set2 Chemistry Sample Test Papers For Class 12th for students online

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Chemistry Class - XII  (CBSE)
You are on questions of Set II
(Only those questions are given here , which are different from Set I)

Q 1 What values are permitted for the magnetic quantum number, m for for an electron with angular momentum number, l=2?

Q 3 Name the metal ion with tri-positive charge represented by the configuration 1s22s22p63s23p63d6.

Q 4 How is the unit of molar conductivity arrived at ?

Q 5 Which one among the following is strongest oxidising agent : ClO4-, BrO4-, IO4-

Q 11 Calculate the kinetic energy of moving electron which have wavelength of 4.8 pm. (Mass of electron = 9.11 x 10-31 kg, h = 6.63 x 10-34Js)

Q 12 The solubility of Ba(OH)2.8H2O in water at 288k is 5.6g per 100g of water. What is the molarity of the hydroxide ions in the saturated solution of barium hydroxide at 288k? (Atomic mass : Ba=137, O=16, h=1)

Q 14 Consider the following data for the reaction : A + B ----- Products

run Initial Concentration Initial Concentration Initial rate(mols-1)  
  A B    
1 0.10M 1.0M 2.1x10-3  
2 0.20M 1.0M 8.4x10-3  
3 0.20M 2.0M 8.4x10-3  

Determine the order of reaction with respect to A and with respect to B, and the over all order of the reaction.

Q 27 A solution containing 12.5g of a non electrolyte substance in 175g of water gave a boiling point elevation of 0.70K. Calculate the molar mass of the substance. (Elevation constant for water is Kb=0.52K kg mol-1)

Q 28 (a) The standard potential are given as : EoCu+2/Cu = 0.34 V and EoAg+/Ag = 0.80 V. Calculate the cell potential (E) for the cell containing 0.100 M Ag+ and 4.00 M Cu+2 at 298K.

(b) How many hours does it take to reduce 3 mol of Fe3+ to Fe2+ with 2.00 a current? (R = 8.314 JK-1 ; F = 96,500 C mol-1)

Q 29 A wood piece from an archaeological source shows a 14C activity which is 10% of the activity found in green wood. Calculate the age of the wood piece. (tt1/214C = 5770 years).