CBSE Set Q1 Social Science Sample Test Papers For Class 10th for students online

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Social Science Class - X  (CBSE)
You are on Set no 1 Question 13 to 29

Q13) Principal Commodities Transported by Railways

Study the above given bar diagram carefully & answer the following questions:-
Q13.1) Which item shows the highest proportionate increase is transportation during the period of 30 years? (Marks 1)
Q13.2) Give the main reason for the highest proportionate increase in transportation of this item. (Marks 1)

Only for blind candidates:-

Q13) Why is it necessary to replace meter gauge railway routes by broad gauge routes? Give two reasons. (Marks 2)

Q14) Name the three parallel ranges of Himalayas & state one typical characteristic of each. (Marks 3)

Q15) Describe any three contributions of Bhakra - Nangal project in the development of the country. (Marks 3)

Q16) State the three main characteristics of Tropical Rain Forests. (Marks 3)

Q17) How does the relief affect the climate of India? Explain it with 3 specific examples from different parts of the country. (Marks 4)

Q18) How is the government helping Indian farmers in increasing their agricultural production? Explain any four points. (Marks 4)

Q19) Growing urban population has not only created problems in the urban centres but also it has affected the rural areas. Explain two points of each (Marks 2+2=4)

Q20) How is 'coal an important source of energy & raw material as well'? Explain the statement with 5 examples in all giving at least two from each. (Marks 5)

Section C - CIVICS

Q21) Why land reform legislations have not been able to remove the inequality in holding of land among peasantry? Give any two reasons. (Marks 2)

Q22) 'India is a secular state'. Give any two arguments in support of this statement. (Marks 2)

Q23) Write any three important causes leading to urban poverty. (Marks 3)

Q24) What conditions help in the development of responsible public opinion? (Marks 4)

Q25) Advance arguments in favour of any four human rights which are included in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights & are necessary for the development of an individual. (Marks 4)

Q26) How does the legislative procedure for passing of a money bill in the Parliament differ from an ordinary bill?
How is the Prime Minister the most important functionary in the country? (Marks 6)


Q27) Give two reasons why small scale sector be given special treatment in India. (Marks 2)

Q28) Write briefly about the two main objectives of economic planning in India. (Marks 3)

Q29) Name six kinds of inputs other than Land in Indian agriculture. Explain briefly any one of these: (Marks 3+2=5)